About the Project

SaludCom is a collaboration between Nokia, The Minga Foundation and Foundation Human Nature Ecuador. Its goal is to facilitate communication in the rural region of El Páramo, Ecuador- where the Subcentro de Salud (health center) is located. The focus of the project is to use technology to improve communication between remote communities and the health center, as well as to facilitate the collection of demographic and epidemiological data from the region. The SaludCom project is made possible with financial, technical, and administrative support from the Nokia Corporation. The challenges to collecting sound data in El Páramo are deeply intertwined. For example, difficulties in transportation, lack of infrastructure, and the remote location of communities are linked to communication barriers between the health center and communities, inconsistency in community health worker’s ability to fulfill their responsibilities, inability to collect sound health data, and slow response time to epidemics and emergencies. Community health workers are local individuals who act as liaisons between the health center and their villages. They provide first aid, medical information and other services for injured or sick patients in the area.




SaludCom has three main objectives:
1. To improve access to urgent health care and the health center’s response time to emerging epidemics by providing cell phones to community health workers in order to communicate emergencies.

2. To provide the health program with relevant and useful information (sociodemographic, health status, coverage, disease prevalence, risk factors, disability among others) that will help the stakeholders to improve the quality of the health services by using Nokia Data Gathering software to obtain the necessary data.

3. To strengthen the role of the community health workers and the capacity of the health center to cope with the health issues of the region by providing trainings in Nokia Data Gathering software.

Project Updates

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