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About Minga

The Minga Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to improving the health of families and communities by catalyzing sustainable, locally-driven work.


We identify and support organizations that are regularly overlooked by traditional funding structures, whether due to barriers of language, budget, size, or access. We commit to multi-year relationships, not single projects or programs, making space for not only the transfer of funds, but also the sharing of intangible assets.

Our projects balance the establishment of immediate, material resources – such as safe access to clean water, free HIV-testing, or a health clinic – with ongoing, relationship-based support for organizational development and community empowerment. 

At the Minga Foundation, we envision a world where all communities are able to improve their own health and wellbeing.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Minga Foundation partners with individuals and community-based organizations in underserved communities to improve socioeconomic conditions and health equity. Through collaborative and respectful partnerships, we build capacity, create and strengthen networks, and provide resources based on locally-identified needs. Our goal is to empower those seeking a healthier future for their communities.

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Our Values

  • All individuals have the right to reach their full human potential.

  • We all share a moral responsibility to create an equitable and just world.

  • Partnerships based on trust, respect and transparency are essential for responsible development work.

  • Mutual enrichment and growth is an essential part of international relationships.

  • Communities should identify and address their own needs.

  • Individuals and communities can generate powerful social change.

  • We must give voice to traditionally underrepresented members of our partner communities.

Our Team

Our Team

Our team members – primarily our volunteer Board – bring diverse, international work experience in sustainable development, food and farming, water security, clinical medicine, reproductive and sexual health, mental health, and more.


As an organization led primarily by white people of the Global North with access to many forms of systemic privilege, we commit to ongoing learning and unlearning as we work collaboratively toward repair, equity, justice, and liberation.

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