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Meet Our New Partner, SEIINAC!

SEIINAC is a youth-led organization working for the rights of children, adolescents, women, people of gender diversity, and people living with HIV in Hidalgo, Mexico.

At the beginning of the year — for Minga’s 20th anniversary — we announced a goal to begin two new partnerships in 2023. Today, we’re excited to share that our second new partner is SEIINAC!

Since 2008, SEIINAC has combined popular education, community empowerment, and political mobilization to advocate for and defend human rights. They have been so effective that government agencies now seek them out as partners for outreach and collaboration.

Minga is grateful for this opportunity to return to sexual and reproductive rights work in Central America. We hope to work with SEIINAC for several years, with our first year focused on an ambitious project to expand Indigenous access to abortion, now decriminalized across Mexico.

The project will involve:

  • Translating rights-education and sexual and reproductive health materials into Nahuatl,

  • Delivering abortion rights workshops in Indigeneous communities,

  • Working with health providers to build their rights awareness and cultural competency, and

  • Establishing a digital platform for monitoring, evaluation, and follow-up regarding the implementation of abortion in the state of Hidalgo.

SEIINAC has primarily worked with urban populations, so this new work in the Huasteca region is exciting for both organizations. We look forward to telling you more in 2024!

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