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Announcing Our First U.S. Partner!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Since 2003, the Minga Foundation has partnered with burgeoning organizations in the Global South to create healthy, powerful, equitable, and sustainable communities.

Our antiracist, anticolonial mission means we are accountable first and foremost to our partner communities. We aim to know them authentically, and support them with transparency, humility, and respect.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re expanding on this mission by entering our first U.S.-based partnership. Our new partner, Lighthouse Foundation of Chicagoland, is a Black Queer-led, multiracial organization that advances justice for Black LGBTQ+ people through empowerment, education, and entertainment.

Our international work has sought to combat intersecting oppressions by helping community-based organizations become more powerful and inclusive, and thus more capable of advancing health and wellbeing on their own terms.

We hope our international experiences will prove useful to Lighthouse’s efforts to advance sustainable, community-led, and context-informed programs in Chicago.

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