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Read Our 2022 Annual Report

It’s here! Our 2022 Annual Report offers a snapshot of a big year for Minga.

We began our first partnership with a U.S.-based organization and hired a Development Director. We refined our approach to change-making and prepared to seek two new partners in 2023.

We hope you enjoy reading about our work and we thank you for following along with us!

We also hope you’ll consider making a year-end gift to Minga.

We work on the human-scale, supporting real people and real communities through personal relationships. This means every contribution truly does matter - whether it supplies a bar of soap, allows partners to pay workers fairly, or covers the cost to build a new well.

A gift to Minga supports grassroots work for health access and health equity across the globe. We appreciate every contribution, as well as every single person who cares about our work. Wishing you health and wellness in 2023!

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